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DMM was founded in 1981 and is the only climbing hardwear manufacturer in the UK. Based in Llanberis, North Wales a factory tour gives an insight into how much effort goes into manufacturing a quality carabiner or nut etc. I am lucky to have been part of the DMM team since 2011 and these guys provide me with an amazing set of kit! My favourite kit is the alloy offsets as they make a good bomber placement in the Welsh rock.


The famous Rab Carrington set up the company in 1981 and since then it has thrived being a British clothing company that makes good quality kit. I am lucky to have joined a strong team in 2014 and am proud to be supported by such a great brand. My favourite piece of kit is the Continuum Hooded Down jacket which is lightweight and good for climbing in.



5.10 best known as the brand of the brave have been at the forefront of climbing shoe manufacturing for as long as I have been climbing. I am lucky to have rejoined the team in 2014 as I can’t imagine wearing any other shoes. My favourite shoes are the Anasazi velcro for trad and the women’s Blackwing on steep sporty terrain.